Copywriting tips – the only thing customers want to know about your business

Writing about your own business is difficult! Even as a professional copywriter, whenever I try and do something for myself, it takes 3 times as long as it should (in fact, I meant to write this blog in June!), and I’m never wholly satisfied with the results.

This is because, like most of you, I’m too close to my business, which means that I’m prone to forgetting the first thing that any business owner needs to know and understand when writing content of any kind…

Your customers don’t care about your business!

There…I said it!

They don’t care when your business was founded, they don’t care how many staff members you have, and they don’t care about your business vision or 5 year plan for world domination.

Chances are, most of them don’t care about how or when your business was founded, when you moved premises and expanded, or when you bought those exciting new machines.

They aren’t that bothered about how you do things or what your business has achieved, they don’t really want to know about your new members of staff, and they couldn’t care less about that new IT system you’ve just installed.

They don’t even care about you!

The only thing that your customers really care about is what your business can do for them.

What this means

It might seem like a bitter pill to swallow, but once you understand and accept the concept, you can use it to significantly improve the effectiveness of all the content you create for your business.

It all comes down to the business benefits, and making sure that everything you write is relevant to your customer base, and tells them what they are going to benefit from if they choose your products or services.

Customers won’t care that you’ve just invested in new premises or piece of manufacturing equipment – but they will care that this means you can now provide more competitive prices and produce better quality goods.

In a similar way, people aren’t bothered that you’ve just bought a new van, until you tell them that you can now provide them with cheaper deliveries.

My clients didn’t care about my blogging service, until I told them that it would support their SEO/social media marketing strategies, make them seem like an authority in their field and ultimately, get them more customers…

I‘m sure you get the picture.

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