Why you need professional copywriting

How hard can it be? Copywriting is easy, isn’t it? Why pay someone to write the copy for your website, marketing materials or PR campaign? Why not save some money and do it in-house? After all, you have already spent a lot on design and a new website, surely you can write a few words?

Whilst you probably wouldn’t consider designing your own marketing materials, or building your own website, many businesses still handle all the copywriting themselves. But the temptation to cut corners on copywriting and save a few pounds can leave you with sub-standard content, and prove costly in the long-run.

“But I can write”, I hear you say… “and that new girl on reception has an A Level in English”. Yes, the chances are that for everything you need to do in your average day, you are perfectly capable writers.

But before you dust off the word processor and get stuck into the content for your next blog, website or leaflet, ask yourself some questions:

  1. How long will it take you to write the copy?
  2. Is writing an effective use of your time and resources?
  3. What else could you (or should you!) be doing?
  4. Can you write objectively about your business or products?
  5. Can you adapt your style for news releases, websites and marketing materials?
  6. Can you write high-quality, engaging content that effectively communicates the benefits of your business and products to customers?

…does it still seem sensible to do the copywriting in-house?

So, what are your other options? You could write in your spare time, or outsource it to your marketing agency (and pay their rates). Alternatively, you could choose to use a dedicated, professional copywriter, who will cost you significantly less than a marketing agency and deliver much, much more.

Whatever you are looking to achieve, a quality copywriter will work to understand your business and create interesting, engaging content that effectively speaks to your target audience. They can sift through dry, technical information and industry jargon, distilling it into something that effectively communicates the benefits of using your products or services.

A great copywriter works with you to get the message across to your customers that they need you, and they need you now. They will write content in a way that encourages your customers to get in touch and ultimately, this helps you to generate business.

You wouldn’t buy a mansion and fill it with flat-pack furniture – so why invest in the design and creation of quality marketing materials or a new website, just to fill them with low-quality or indifferent content?

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